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Friday, September 12, 2008

Charming Creativity

Ana and I have little chats on the way to the park most days. Oggie tries to join in sitting majestically in his stroller and beaming at the trees and cars. The chats are pretty mundane sometimes, but, every once in a while I try to ask specific questions to help her think and answer coherently. Here's how it went yesterday:
Me: Would you like a costume for Halloween, Ana? And go trick-or-treating with Oggie?
Ana: Yep. I love Halloween. I can eat lots of candy. Oggie cannot eat candy yet. He has no teeth.
Me: Yes, Oggie has no teeth, he is a baby. Babies have no teeth at all. When you were a baby, you had no teeth either... So what do you want to be for Halloween?
Ana: Hmmm... I want Oggie to be a Tree and I want to be an Apple hanging from Oggie Tree.
Me: Oooo..kayyy...

Me: What's your favorite pink thing, Ana?
Ana: My pink coat. It is pretty.
Me: What's your favorite green thing, Ana?
Ana: My Tinker Bell panties. Tinker Bell has wings. She is a fairy.
Me: Yep, Tinker Bell is a fairy, you're right. So, what is your favorite orange thing, Ana?
Ana: Orange Gummy Bear! It is sweet!
Me: Yep, gummy bears are sweet. I like them too. Now, what's your favorite red thing, Ana?
Ana: Blood! Blood is red, Amma. I love red blood all over me.
Me: ??!

Me: What's your favorite red food, Ana?
Ana: Red Apple. Apple is good. I like to eat it.
Me: Yep, I like to eat apple too. It's good for you. Hmmm... what's your favorite yellow food, Ana?
Ana: Corn! I love corn, Amma! I want corn for dinner.
Me: OK, you can have corn for dinner. Tell me, what's your favorite white food?
Ana: Yogurt. I love yogurt too, Amma. It's yummy.
Me: Yes, yogurt is yummy, I love it too. That's my favorite white food too!
Ana: No Amma, yogurt is *my* favorite, not yours. Your favorite white food is rice. White rice.
Me: Oh. OK. Rice it is. (Hoping to stump her a bit) Tell me, what is your favorite pink food?
Ana: Ummm... Pink Lemonade! I like to drink pink lemonade when I am thirsty.
Me: Ah, yes, we all love Pink Lemonade, don't we? Let's see... what's your favorite blue food?
Ana: ummm... blue... hmmm... We have a blue jay in our yard, Amma. Sky is blue too.
Me: That's right, Ana. Sky is blue. Now tell me, what is your favorite blue food?
Ana: See? Oggie has blue shirt on. Because he is a boy.
Me: Yes, indeed, Oggie has a blue shirt. Tell me your favorite blue food Ana.
Ana: umm... i don't know yet... What is *your* favorite blue food Amma?
Me: (boy am i glad i thought of this one first and had a ready answer) Blue Berries, Ana.
Ana: I like to eat lots of blue berries when we go to the farm. I love blue popsicle, Amma! Appa got me blue popsicle. It was blue. And sweet. And cold.
Me: Good One, Ana!! Blue popsicle!

If she had asked me for another blue food I might have been stumped a bit - blue corn chips, blue...ummm... what else? Let me think...



At 8:57 AM, Blogger Grafxgurl said...

hello from a fellow indian blogger. lol. just blog hopping by and stopped when i saw " i like red blood all over me" !!!!!!!!! i thought.. what the@!!@@

nice to have your very own little entertainer eh!?!

At 3:50 PM, Blogger Kodi's Mom said...

would incl blueberry muffin, blueberry pie, blueberry icecream separately be considered cheating? :) lovely conversations, totally enjoyed them, esp Apple hanging frmo Tree. lol!

At 1:43 PM, Blogger Reva said...

Will blue MnM's count?

Lol on the red blood and apple hanging from oggie tree.. she's too cute! :)

At 5:28 AM, Blogger Kay said...

Would blue ice cream count?

I love these little chats you have with Ana. We just started doing that at home - ours are more questions about her school friends.. it's funny how little kids think, eh!


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