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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Berry Picking

berry picking

Can't believe it is that time again - our favorite time of the year: Berry Season!

For the last 7 years D and I have sort of made it a tradition to go berry picking in local farms, especially in Sauvie Island. Ana has accompanied us every year since her birth. Last year, Ana helped pick a lot of blueberries which I promptly made into jam, and froze the rest.

We went berry picking again this year. Oggie and I spent more time in the shade as it was a blazing hot summer day but, Ana had loads of fun helping D pick some raspberries, boysenberries and blueberries. We picked about 7-8 lbs of berries, well, mostly D and Ana picked enthusiastically, as Oggie and I sought the cool shelter to nurse and nap:)

No trip to farms is complete without a stop at the barn, if available. Our usual stop is The Pumpkin Patch in Sauvie Island and Ana had fun observing the animals up close at their barn.

We had a simple home-made Tri-berry Cobbler.


p.s: Some nursing babies can be highly sensitive to berries, so, eat them with caution, and in small amounts. I found this out the hard way with Ana, and promptly forgot about it until Oggie reminded me that he shares similar genes as Ana and therefore is sensitive as well :) He had a heck of fussy night after I overindulged in fresh berries from the farm, poor thing!

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