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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

baby monitor

The freshly laundered and folded pile of clothes kept falling off the tall stack, and when I tried to set them straight again, Ana decided to pull one of my clean shirts and run, dragging it along the floor, enticing the kitties to follow her... the pasta and water in the back-burner on low was threatening to boil over (I should have used the bigger pot)... my head was about ready to explode... and so, naturally, when one of the kitties jumped on the freshly laundered/folded clothes I lost it for a bit and yelled a little in Tamil, at no one in particular - just screamed to let off steam - when a teeny baby voice came up from behind and reprimanded me sternly:
No Skeemeen, Amma!
(skeemeen = screaming)

Yes, sweetie-pie, Thank You for reminding me to set a good example.

Then, the other day, D was teasing me a bit much about the nit-picking I do about him not putting things back in their place around the house, when in a jolly friendly fashion, I gently pushed him out of my way. What should I hear the very next minute? you guessed right! The same teeny baby voice stating in no uncertain terms:
No poosheen, Amma!

Alright, dear, I wasn't really pushing, but you wouldn't know that, so, you are right, I shall refrain.

And when D and Ana were rough-housing a bit, which she seems to throughly enjoy these days, he casually patted her on her diaper-padded bum nudging her to pick up the tissue she threw on the floor after using it to wipe her nose, when, well, you know what's coming, the familiar teeny voice calmly declared:
No heeteen, Appa.

Indeed, the teeny little booger is becoming quite the hall monitor these days.

Now, don't naturally assume that it works both ways: When we ask her to stop hitting or biting, she pushes the limits and tries to do it more vigorously, just to defy in the rather cutesy way that only 2 yr olds can pull off successfully :-)

p.s: When she is not in the cuddly mood (like when she is mad at me or D for not doing her every bidding), when I try to tickle her and kiss her out of the mood, she quite firmly looks at me these days and confidently states, "No biting arm, Amma" or "No biting cheeks, Amma" !! It is so darn cute and hilarious... not sure for how long it will remain so :-)



At 10:04 AM, Blogger B o o said...

Hi Sheela, I have tagged you on Indian Writing. Take it if you are interested.

At 10:26 PM, Blogger Kowsalya Subramanian said...

Hi Sheela, Finally I managed to take up your tag and finish it. Do read it when you find time -


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