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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Kids Craft: Paste Batik Place Mat

The 9 year old wanted to give a handmade present for one of her friends. Since her little brother was making a paste batik flag anyway, and we had enough flour paste ready to go, she settled on a paste batik place mat for her friend. Rather than an arbitrary design, she wanted to personalize it with her friend's name.

Same procedure for paste batik as always, using unbleached muslin. Once the paste letters were dry, she added the colors using acrylic paints.

When paint was completely dry, she removed the dried paste to reveal the masked areas the whites of the fabric. Then, ironed the reverse side to heat set. Then, washed and dried it. Then, ironed it out flat again. And, with a little bit of help from me in pinning the edges, the 9 year old sewed the place mat.

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