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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Kids Art: Just-for-Fun Snowmen Card

"Snowmen at Night" by Caralyn and Mark Buehner is a huge favorite in our house. It was a top favorite with Ana for a while, and was an absolute obsession with Og as well.

Just recently, in my usual rotation, I brought this book out from the top shelf and put it at eye level on the bookshelf for kids wondering if they'll still be interested in it... I needn't have wondered.

Oggie started reciting this poem - the first 24 lines at least - and proceeded to write a book, inspired by this one. We'll see if he completes this book - he says it will have 14 pages, mostly full-page pictures with minimal text. This time, rather than the lilt of the poetry, he says he is going for the absolutely delightful snowmen images, imagining what else the snowmen might be doing at night.

Anyway, while the kids were deeply into this snowman fever, we did a simple snowman card project as seen in the picture above.

Items Used:
white acrylic paint
glittery white tissue paper
light blue tissue paper
card stock paper
potato stamp snowman bodies
black, orange, green gel pen to add the features

Then, Ana made a card for her friend with two adorable snow men women. Now that the stores are flooded with gift wrap and greeting cards, there are snowmen images everywhere, so, it wasn't hard to get inspired. Just color pencils and chalk pastels.

She also did an old favorite - Penguins!

We are still working on more snowmen cards... maybe a few penguins, some snowflakes, holly, wreaths, pine trees... all the holiday inspirations!

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