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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kids Craft: Potato Stamp Turkey Card

It was a damp and grey weekend, nothing unusual for these parts, especially around this time of the year. We spent the morning cleaning up the house a bit. Then, hosted a play date for a few hours.

After an hour or so of play, 2 out of the 4 kids were interested in making Thanksgiving cards. And that's how these Potato Stamp Turkeys came about.

I carved the tear drop-ish tail feather shape into one half of the potato; and the pear-ish body for the turkey in the other half. A few colorful stamp inks, a black pen, and card stock paper is all we needed to make these adorable cards.

potato stamp paper craft turkey thanksgiving card kids

The six year old enjoyed the Potato Stamped Turkey and then went on to trace his hand and make a turkey out of it; then went on to add a barn, a farmer, some clouds (one shaped like angler fish!) and other details. "The giant turkey is closer to us, everything else is far away and that's why they are smaller than the turkey," according to the kid.

The older child helped make these adorable turkeys from colorful printed papers. Also, she drew a tiny turkey in a circle-cut paper, which was perfect for making an elegantly simple card. Only, she made it a cross between turkey and chicken, just for the fun of it. We did add "Gobble, Gobble" using letter stamps.

To tickle the funny bone, I printed out the poem, Gobble Gobble, from Kenn Nesbitt's The Biggest Burp Ever. The kids glued it on in their cards so their friends will get a chuckle when they read it.

After all that fun/hard work, it seemed like the perfect time for popcorn, hot chocolate, and a movie. 

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