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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kids Craft: Hand-made Wool Felt Purse and Jewelry

Kids Craft: Hand-made Purse and Jewelry

For her friends' birthday, the nine year old made her trademark wool felt purse, plus some matching jewelry, and a matching hairpin to boot. Since the birthday girls were twins, she wanted to make two of each.

The bracelet and earrings are fairly easy, no fancy work. Elastic thread for the bracelet to ensure fit. Standard earring hooks and connector rings. She had a bunch of nice filigree beads which came in handy. Also, I had these Indian mirror-work circles which we hot-glued to make the hair-pin.

Add a  book and a game, and it makes a lovely present. But, she wanted to add a little something more. So, she ended up making a set of unique blank note-cards that can be used for all occasions.

Kids Craft: Hand-made Purse and Jewelry

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