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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day: Dw i'n garu Papa!

Papa likes no-fuss days. Papa likes to be left alone. So we did what he likes. Sort of.

fathers day periodic table welsh custom design tee shirt

Kids worked with me to make a simple T-shirt for Papa. Of course, it had to be in Welsh. Dw i'n garu Papa roughly translates to "I love Papa" for those of us who are not native speakers and are not too worried about grammar at this point. And, of course, it had to have a reference to the Periodic Table.

fathers day tee shirt welsh periodic table

And, for sure, at the back it had to say what each of us thought Papa did best.

Kids each made a book of 5 Things I Love About You, Papa. Older child made a standard book.

5 things I love about you Papa dad

The younger one got some help making a small accordion book.

The older child also decided to bake Papa some Panda cookies, following the youtube tutorial.

He roars like a monster encouraged by their squeals of delight.
He very gently picks them up and puts them in their bed every night when they fall asleep in his bed.
He plays endless Tag with them in the backyard.
He takes them camping and lets them explore.
He doesn't make promises often but always keeps the promises he makes.
He listens. He acknowledges. He guides. He loves.
He is an awesome father, much the same as my own dad.

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