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Monday, May 12, 2014

Moms make the world go around

Having met many wonderful moms, including my mom and mum-in-law, aunts and cousins, plus a few  friends who have faced many challenges in raising their kids, I am grateful for this concept of having a dedicated day to show appreciation, not just to our own mothers but to all mothers we know who are doing the best they can.

I was one of those who pooh-pooh-ed this Mother's Day idea, not buying into commercialism surrounding it. However, that is no excuse to pass up an opportunity to take care of the one person that ends up taking care of the whole family in many traditional households.

I still don't subscribe to ignoring mothers for 364 days a year and buying a gift on one appointed day to somehow make up for all the caring and the thoughtfulness that should be spread over an entire lifetime.

Whether Papa is into it or not, kids are up for helping Mama do what she likes on the second Sunday in May. No kitschy gifts, no cliched flowers+chocolate; and rather than be presumptuous about what Mama wants, Wish Lists come to the rescue in our house. For any and all occasions, not limited to Christmas and Birthdays.

And that's how I got to spend a wonderful Sunday. After a week long stormy weather, the day was sunny and dry. Very rare for these parts, around this time of the year.

Watermelon-looking cranberry-raisin bread: The nine year old found this on the youtube and suggested that Papa make it with her. Of course, Papa ended up making most of it. All without my interference or help. So, I woke up to a fresh loaf of raisin bread looking like watermelon.

PicMonkey card: The girl designed this card using PicMonkey (awesome and easy-to-use!) and then added the first clue for treasure hunt exclusively for me that morning.

Treasure Hunt: Starting with a clue in the pocket of her robe, she sent me around the house to finally lead me to the treasure: herself! Yep, after going from room to room and getting the clues, she was waiting at the last spot to give me a hug and end the treasure hunt!

Hiking in Ecola State Park, explored the Cannon Beach area, and spent some time at the Indian Beach. Highlights for the kids:
-Sorrel-hunting and munching
-finding an inchworm
-falling in the mud

Although it was only a 2.5 mile hike, the uphill half followed by the downhill half totally messed up my knees and calf muscles, but, it was well worth it. The view was beautiful, the ocean was perfectly blue, the air was fresh and damp, the sour sorrel leaves were devoured with glee despite the puckering. The day came to a close with a falafel meal and quinoa salad that I did not have to cook, plus some smooth dark Belgian chocolate that makes me feel content.

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