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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Not-a-Stick Magic Twig

"Remember, Oggie? No sticks in the house. Leave it in the yard, okay?"

"But, Mama! It's not a stick! It's my Magic Twig. It lets me do all kinds of magic and has all kinds of powers."

"Oh, really? I'd like to see one magic that it can do right now."

"OK. Watch. I am going to do the Save Magic." [touches head with twig, saying the word 'Save']

[half a minute or so elapses...]

"Hm. I can't see anything happening..."

"Well, it is a protection magic, so, anything I don't want will not happen for one whole minute! You have to think of what you want to not happen to you, but not say it out loud."

"So what did it protect you from now?"

"From hugs and kisses, Mama! See? The magic did not let me get hug and kiss for one whole minute! "

"But, that doesn't seem like fun magic to me. What would happen to me if I tried to hug and kiss you when this Save Magic is on?"

"You'll disappear for one minute till the magic goes away."

"Oh. That sounds like fun. Can you do it again so I can try to hug you and see where I disappear to?"

"Nah. I don't want to do it now. Maybe later."

"But, shouldn't it protect you from hurts and owwies and accidents instead?"

"Well, love hurts, Mama! You always pinch-kiss my cheeks and squish-hug my body. But, if you want protection from getting hurt badly if you are in a car crash, you can use this, okay? I'll share the Magic Twig with you for that."

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