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Monday, December 22, 2014

Kids Craft: Paste Batik Christmas Flag

The younger child wanted a "Christmassy" flag to hang up as decoration near the wreath outside on our front porch. So, we made a paste batik flag, pretty much the same procedure as we've done many times before.

The elements he chose were pine tree, snowman, mitten, and bird. I drew the composition using flour paste under his watchful eye and approval. He wanted to do it, but was not confident of his drawing skills and said he'd be too upset to start all over if he made a mistake because the project takes a long time to complete.

He let the paste dry near the vent overnight. Next day, he was ready to add in the colors, his favorite part of the project. Once all the colors were painted in, he let it dry again overnight by the heating vent.

Then, picked and removed the dry paste.

Then, I heat set it by ironing on the reverse side, and then washed and dried it; then ironed it out flat. Then, added the finishing touched with 3D paint and let it dry overnight again.

Finally, I sewed the edges. The plan was to insert a dowel and hang it right, but, didn't have a dowel handy. So, we made do with ribbon and yarn.

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