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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pine Tree, Saltwater Taffy, Human Muscular System

"I am going to be a Pine Tree for Halloween, Mama." Sounded pretty final and pretty good to me.

Some Wired Paper Pine decoration and string came together to make the sparse Douglas Fir-like Pine Tree costume. A pair of brown corduroy pants with knee pads that I sewed and the green fleece shirt (also sewn by me long time ago) was the basic outfit. (A cat sitting on the pine tree is a bonus. Nevermind how it got there.)

"Saltwater Taffy. That's what I want to be!" declared the 7 yo a few weeks ago, a wide grin escaping through the gap-teeth.

Some red fleece from my stash, white shiny tulle, cellophane paper, and some thread and pins came together to create the simple strawberry-flavored saltwater taffy costume.

Human Muscular System? That was the costume for the Human Body research that the older child shared in school.

The white slim-fit pants I had sewn for the Canada Dress and a turtleneck white long-sleeved shirt got scribbled with markers and brushed with paints to create the bloody mess that represents the muscles in our body.

The much-anticipated Trick-or-Treat-ing was done as usual, the treats stashed away.  Probably to be discovered months later in small doses...

The best part was the pumpkin carving, as always! "Wicked" was Ana's choice; the tiny pumpkin in the foreground was designed by Og - all carving executed by Papa after the kids scooped out the innards of the pumpkins. My job was to sort out the pumpkin seeds and roast them to enjoy as snack...

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At 7:40 AM, Blogger Praba Ram said...

oh, your babies are just ADORABLE in their supery dupery outfits! Saltwater taffy and a pinetree - can't get any more creative! And you outdo yourself, each year Sheels! :)
Happy Halloween. It was quite a spooky week with the cyclone here! Back-to-school finally tomorrow. Life is back-to-normal now.


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