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Monday, October 22, 2012

CROCUS 2012 Starts Tomorrow!

Back in 2007, I joined a handful of like-minded parents - five, if I recall correctly - to share our favorite books that resonated with our kids, at the wonderful online repository called Saffron Tree.

Over the years, I've gained more from the association than the other way round I am sure. And, as Saffron Tree (ST)  family grew, it is exciting for me to benefit from the reading choices of the 'older kids' in the family, and quietly carry on some of the behind-the-scenes work for ST.

Each year, we throw a home-grown party online - a festival of books called CROCUS: Celebrating Reading Of Culturally Unique Stories.

And, each year, we try to zone in on a theme and highlight books via reviews, interviews, arts/crafts, games and such.

This year is no exception. CROCUS 2012 starts tomorrow for a week-long celebration of Mathematics and Eco-Science!

Join us at from Oct 23rd to 27th as we present Math and Eco-Science related children's books, interviews and puzzles.

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