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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kids Crafts: Painted Textured Paper Hearts

Whereas it appears that we have been doing a lot of arts and crafts with planned precision and focused execution, unfortunately it is not so... things just sort of happen and we go with the flow. It's mostly organic...

Every once in a while, I do like to try something new with the kids; so I try to gauge their interest and look for that window of opportunity to do it with them. Sometimes it turns out extremely satisfying, at other times it becomes a valuable learning experience.

I know I mention this often: Usborne Book of Art Ideas is one of my favorites for inspirational ideas to try with the kids on and off. Of course, I am always scouting for ideas, scouring the web, silently thanking the wonderful people who freely share their talents thereby allowing me to get away with minimal effort.

Handy as it is on the kids' bookshelf, many a weekend afternoon or weekday evening, left to her own devices, I've noticed Ana reaching for this book (among others) and flipping through the pages lazily until the amorphous idea in her head solidifies and spurs her into action.

One of the favorites from Usborne Books of Art Ideas is to make Textured (Painted) Paper, which we then use for collages and such. There are a few suggested techniques and plenty of room left open to come up with our own.

A couple of years ago, we used quite a few of the gorgeous papers from various art sessions for heart cards. Ana was inspired to do the same this year, digging through the cubby where we save the works we liked. She chose papers that were made with 6 different techniques.

1. Natural Sea Sponge and Tempera Paints: Simply dab the paper with the sponge and let it create the patterns and textures on the paper

2. Scouring Sponge and Tempera Paints: Drop small dollops of paint of different colors across the top of the paper and drag the scouring sponge down or across or in any direction, lifting and continuing till the paper is covered with paint. Coarse nylon scouring pads work well, makes strong lines like large brush strokes.

3. "Rain Painting" with Watercolor crayons or Watercolor pencils:  On heavyweight watercolor paper, just scratch on some colors using watercolor crayons or watercolor pencils; then leave the paper out in the rain. Let the rain drops wash the paper with interesting patterns. If left out in heavy rains, the paper will get soggy and fall apart, so, watch closely; use a brush and smear the water a bit to spread out the colors, if preferred. Allow to dry.

4. Salt-sprinkled Painting: As shared here

5. Watercolor Plastic Wrap: As done before Rather than the dark blues and greens that Oggie chose for his work, Ana chose to mix a pleasant lilac and powder blue.

6. Oil Pastel Resist: As in this post

Punch a hole; add a flower or a goody; write a message on the back; and a thoughtful, hand-made token of friendship is ready to give out to friends.

Oggie chose to give melted recycled crayon for his friends, along with the Watercolor Plastic Wrap cards he made for them. Same procedure as I've done before with Ana, except this time we used snowman moulds. Wrap one up in a piece of tissue paper, attach a heart card, and a special memento is ready for a friend. Who can refuse crayons? Especially multicolored ones?

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