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Monday, January 30, 2012

Kids Craft: Feather and Tissue Paper Copy

This craft was an accidental discovery for me, thanks to Og. And it turned out so gorgeous (totally subjective opinion, of course) that I wanted to share it here. I think the wrinkles from the used/recycled tissue paper plus the fine details of the feather came together to create this intersting result.

Og had this obsession about wanting to make copies - photocopies - of things that he creates on paper. A few scratches with colorful markers and he rushes it to me to make a copy.

Instinctively, I imposed the "only 2 copies each day, no more" rule to save the printer toner and paper, which has worked well so far. And he has eased off on this obsession so that many days have gone by when he has not requested a single copy.

One day, I had left him with pre-cut color tissue paper, feather, glue, some white paper and scissors to do as he pleases. And he came up with something like this.

Which he then wanted to photocopy. I can understand how magical this copying business must seem to the 3 year old. He watches intently as the printer churns out the copy and when I remove the original from the top he compares them closely and marvels at the results.

After photocopying, he wanted to make them into cards. So, I cut out four pieces from the copy to make into 4 cards. We learnt about layering the papers and mounting it on to the card-front for extra definition and color. Oggie is still working on his scissor skills so I trimmed the edges after he was done to make it fairly even for the cards.

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At 2:55 AM, Anonymous Rashmie @ Mommy Labs said...

I found your blog today during a google image search and so delighted after going through a few posts. I especially loved the paste batik technique and will try this with my 6-year old daughter.
I blog about similar things as you do and hence so thrilled to find another Indian blogger writing about open-ended art for kids.
Going to subscribe to your blog. :)

At 3:04 AM, Anonymous Rashmie @ Mommy Labs said...

hey, i couldn't find a subscribe link to your blog. Is there any that I'm missing... ?

At 2:39 PM, Blogger Sheela said...

Rashmie: Thanks for your kind words... and thanks for reminding me to make the Subscribe part visible.

(It is on the sidebar now). Cheers!


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