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Friday, January 20, 2012

Kitten on Roller Skates

A while back, Ana was into creating cartoon strips/panels, just some funny graphic art.

One of her creations was the Kitten on Roller Skates series of cartoons.

What if we put my roller skates on Twt, Mama? sparked the series. (Twt "Toot" is our striped tabby).

She just doodles as the mood dictates - in color or just pencil, in any paper she happens to find handy when the inspiration hits. The kitten is sometimes a tabby and at other times a sort of anthropomorphic molly cat.

This first one in the series is where the kitten roller skates right to a duck pond.

In another, Ana the whale is telling me (a whale too) a story in whale language "suessyyy la la who who tra loo tra loo". And the story is about a kitten on roller skates - asking Mr.Invisible for help. Papa is a lump of sea rock. I found it incredibly funny (esp., the "Hello Boss") and highly imaginative, but, I guess mommies are not expected to be objective.

A third one in the series: the roller skating kitten just manages to reach its paw into the page to ask for help and a gallant chain of bubbles floating by say collectively, "I'll help you".

The Kitten in Roller Skates seems to be in some sort of hiatus. Perhaps we'll be seeing more of the roller skating kitten, perhaps not. No pressure. 

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