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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

The typical soggy Spring dawn seemed like any other when I woke up. Privy to the fact that something was in the works, I lingered in bed.

Our first spring daffodils have wilted in the garden, the tulips have already grown pale with dry brown edges and losing petals, the rose bushes are just waking up for the season, so no fresh flowers I supposed. But, knowing how cheerful flowers can be, a bunch of peach-colored roses and big hugs with "Happy Mother's Day, Mama!" greeted me.

A little box of soap roses and "Momu is Speshel" card - an independent venture Ana had secretly completed by scrounging some papers/cardboard from the recycle bin.

A couple of natural soaps from D, whose hand-made paper packages are embedded with seeds for planting (totally recycle-able, like the seed paper we make on and off) reminded me that spring planting season is well-past and am way behind. No matter.

I thought the day couldn't get any better.

But, it held one more surprise: a hike in LaTourell falls.

Fighting the rising guilt, I managed to tell myself that for 364½ days a year I give my attention and care freely and happily to the kids, sometimes not so patiently or gracefully, but usually sincerely and unconditionally. So it must be okay to walk alone, one with nature, about 10 feet ahead on the trail without worrying, just quietly entrusting the kids to their dad.

The slushy, slimy, puddle-ridden steep trail was quite tricky to navigate, but, it is an easy 2 mile hike that the kids can manage, and the view is breath-taking, not to mention the abundant wild flowers and the noisy yet well-camouflaged birds that make the heart leap with joy.

The highlight along the trail, besides the waterfall of course, was this "Snail Tree" - an oddly shaped tree that looks uncannily like a giant snail.

A quiet meal of Tomato Florentine soup, with Adai Dosai (weird combination, but the dosai served as a wonderful bread for dipping in the soup) followed by the usual bath-and-reading bedtime ritual rounded out the day.

I was grateful that I got to chat with my mom. The usual. Easily regressing to the little girl who kicked up a fuss about her two braids not being even and matching each other because Amma did not do it right, forgetting for those few minutes how Ana kicks up a fuss about not getting her hair-clips just so...

And after a good foot scrub, my tired feet were soaking in Epsom Salt bath (with peppermint oil) while my mind focused on the guided meditation (audio), trying not to think about those heavier thoughts that only a daughter-who-is-also-a-mother can knot herself up with.

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At 9:19 AM, Blogger Dee said...

Glad you had an awesome Mother's day. Love it that a nature lover like you lives in Portland - wish I was there :)

At 11:57 PM, Anonymous parchet lemn said...

I`m happy for you, you had a great Mother`s Day, mine was nice but the weather was horrible unfortunately. I hope that next year will be a nice weather.


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