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Saturday, April 02, 2011

I Broke My Trunk

I Broke My Trunk
by Mo Willems

When I heard, "Mama! You have to read this! This is so funny!", followed by "Can we take it home? I can read it to Og, he will find it very silly", there was no room for any counter-thoughts for me, and so we promptly borrowed it from the library.

Willems' Pigeon somehow did not hit off well with the kids. However, his Elephant and Piggie seem to tickle them silly. I Broke My Trunk happens to be the current favorite in the series.

With simple illustrations that convey not just the story but also the characters' feelings, along with spare text for early readers, Willems' books seem to resonate with the kids.

Gerald broke his trunk. Piggie wants to know how he broke it. Gerald says it's a long and crazy story. And shares it in the typical way that mimics how children usually communicate.

Gerald: Then, I had an idea! I wanted to lift Hippo onto my trunk!
Piggie: Why?
Gerald: Because!
Piggie: Okay.

But, no, it is not Hippo, or Hippo's big sister (really BIG sister), or Rhino, or all of them plus the piano that broke his trunk. It sure is a long and crazy story, and in the end, Piggie might have a long and crazy story of her own to share.

When the recently-turned-3 year old asked, "Mama, why is the Pigeon here in the Elephant book?", I was glad he noticed Pigeon's visit and made some sort of connection between them.

[image source: Pigeon Presents!]

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