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Thursday, May 05, 2011


Back in 2007, I had shared my then-current feelings on the subject of Karnavedham: Ear Piercing.

Finally, a recently-turned-six Ana smiles from ear-to-ear when trying on my assorted (huge) collection of ear rings!

From about 5½ or so, she started seriously asking for her ears to be pierced. No push from me at all - except the strategic display of (and unrestricted access to) all my fine ear adornments which I never wear anyway, having opted for the minimalistic look I've always preferred.

D considered it. He was happy to hear her ask for it. He let her talk to him about why she wants it and what she hopes to do once she gets her ears pierced. He sat with me and Ana when I shared my personal experiences with ear piercings. He waited till she pretty much pestered daily with, "When can I get my ears pierced?", "Can I get my ears pierced today?", "I wish I had my ears pierced already!"...

So, we decided it would be a present for her sixth birthday. She was aching for it so much, there was no doubt. Now, of course, not everything she aches for and nags about will get approval, but, this was something I had wanted for her a long time ago, so, I was more than ready. I was just waiting for D and Ana to be ready as well.

She was more than ready, of course. And terribly brave. Sat there still as a rock, hugging a softie for comfort while I was watching with clenched fists stuffed in my mouth.

So, that's finally done. Of course, it takes a while to care for it and make sure it heals and stays healthy and such. Plus, there is always the fear that some dangling earrings might get caught on something or get pulled inadvertently during horseplay... but, I grew up with it and my mom somehow didn't make a big deal about it other than to caution me. What more can a parent do? Well, other than not get the ears pierced at all, I mean...



At 2:23 AM, Blogger Vibha said...

Congratulations to you and to Ana on this big event.
For Medha I just wanted to see her in the small studs so did not even wait for her first birthday to get her ears pierced. I guess, after having a son, I so wanted to dress up a girl as a complete girl.

At 2:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vibha:: I hear you about dressing up the girls:) Especially when they show interest and are enthusiastic about it, so we as moms can get into it to our heart's content!

At 10:32 AM, Blogger Praba said...

It only seems like yesterday I was in your shoes when K wanted her ears pierced. That was Dec 09 at 7 and a half. She was ready earlier too, but I kind of slacked. But, seems like S has been ready since the day she was born! Post-piercing like you have mentioned involves a bit of work. I have enough going on now as such! :)

Great job, Mommy and Ana!

And happy Mother's Day! :)


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