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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Chicken Scratches? perhaps...

Ana has been producing a lot of "art" as she has learnt to call it. Sometimes, she just makes up stories as she is painting or coloring. Sometimes she works in perfect quietude and then presents the picture triumphantly, daring me to guess what it is about! I fail miserably, nine times out of ten, of course. Who can read a contemporary artist's mind?!

Many of her works so far have become exclusive wrapping paper and greeting cards... I did manage to save a few only because her explanation caught my attention, made me sit back and review her work through her eyes...

And, being just a four year old, she does get a bit fanciful and vague at times, but, usually if she is in the mood, I simply hold the piece and study it for a while and say, "That's interesting, Ana. Tell me about this. What is going on in this picture?", and I am usually rewarded with quite elaborate descriptions.

I wanted to save a few of her recent works here for looking back with her a few years down the road. Perhaps they are just chicken scratches and she'll laugh with me (or at me, for being such a gullible sucker) a dozen years from now as we review it over a steaming cup of cardamom chai.

No doubt, she is heavily influenced by the books she is reading currently - the art work and story; and in that sense, there is a clear connection to the two books we've been reading lately -viz., The Rainbow Goblins and The White Goblin by Ul de Rico, and a couple of the pieces below. These two are wonderfully imaginative books with uncommon landscapes and equally unconventional story. But, more about the books on a separate post...

Pond with sea creatures, but not from our world. They are from a different world and they are very colorful sea creatures

wax crayons on paper

Boa in a pathway, that is a killing pathway; it kills the boa and squishes it and there is blood everywhere

tempera on paper

people are playing inside and they all fall over and break themselves, they were all colorful people like the rainbow, but all the colors are out of the people

oil pastel on paper
Star wars killed Tink and ate her up

crayons on paper

Disclaimer: Descriptions are Ana's own, no attempt has been made to alter it in any way, except to keep it short and intelligible :)

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