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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Visiting Nana in Canada

The bright and cheerful daffodils pushing through the frigid grounds gently reassure and uplift the frosted spirit...

The little white buds in the pear trees hint at the promise of ripe summer fruits...

The lush green lawn, dewy and sparkling in the spring showers, call out softly to the bare feet...

Spring is in the air, for sure.

And to herald the new season, we headed Northwards to visit Nana in Canada.

Nana was happy to see her grandkids, especially since Oggie just turned one. And Ana was treated to a host of fresh experiences that hopefully were enriching and entertaining.
  1. Farm animals up close at a small working farm, Vallican, B.C.

    Ducks and chickens, goats and cows, horses and dogs were all doing their part to keep the farm running efficiently. Farmer Peter happens to be Nana's friend and his two little girls were our guide to the animals. The cow was very pregnant, due in a week or so, and was not in the best of moods, understandably. The baby goats were barely a month old and terribly cute... and, it was rather cheeky of them to name their drake Francis
  2. Handloom, spinning wheel, making yarn and fabric at Crawford Bay

    Watching Janet at Barefoot Weaving throw the shuttle back and forth and push the pedals of the loom to weave the fabric was quite an experience. Plus, watching Nana spin the sheep's wool into yarn at home at the old-fashioned spinning wheel clearly sparked Ana's interest (and mine!)
  3. Cob/Straw building and broom-making: Crawford Bay

    Huff and Puff but you can't blow this straw house down. The brooms seemed to attract Ana's attention as she fancies herself a witch sometimes, riding her broom... (thanks to Harry J. Potter)
  4. Glass Blowing at Breathless Glass Studios, Crawford Bay

    Glass blowing always fascinates me and it was nice to show Ana how shaped glass is made. The studio was a tad bit hot with the fire, but it gave Ana a chance to see the artist at work blowing glass to make some sort of a vase.
  5. Ferry Ride and Nature, Kootenay Bay

    We built Ana's hopes up inadvertently (falsely) by repeating excitedly that we were going to go on a ferry, which she naturally heard as fairy. And was terribly disappointed at this large boat we were taking her on. But, driving the car onto the ferry and sitting in the car on the ferry compensated for the disappointment at not meeting the dainty winged creatures she loves so much. The Kootenay Bay looks amazingly picturesque whichever way you turn.
  6. Snow Play, Sledding: Winlaw B.C.

    Two feet of snow everywhere in Winlaw might have been overwhelming for some, but not for the little ones who get to ride on a toboggan.
  7. Dress up and indoor play at Nana's house

    Nana was well-prepared for the wee ones. She had some blocks and toy-things for Oggie, and lots of dress-up stuff and puzzles and books for Ana. Oggie stayed home with Nana for the most part so Ana could get undivided attention from us during the outings...

Just walking down to Cedar Creek Cafe and enjoying a nice hot coffee by a warm wood stove was in itself a pleasurable experience for me, relishing the relaxed pace and closeness to Nature. I wasn't looking to pack the vacation with lots of activities and the few days away from home was just the tonic we all needed to recharge.

This is Ana's first Spring Break at school. Rather than cooping her up indoors for a week till school reopens, it was nice to have managed this simple trip. It may not happen every break, and am sure there'd be times when we would have to keep her home during school breaks, but, hopefully a few trips like this on and off will more than compensate for those humdrum ones to come.

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At 1:39 PM, Blogger Praba said...

everything sounded lovely and down-to-earth, simple fun!

always a pleasure reading you...I owe you an email...expect a long one! :-)


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