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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kids Art: Potato Stamp Crosshatch Hearts

Inspired by Lines Across: DIY Crosshatch Stamp, we decided to try some crosshatching at home.

First obvious was to use the corrugated cardboard we had handy.

Then, rather than foam strips on wooden block to make the elegant crosshatch as in the link, I decided to get to work on a potato with my X-Acto knife. Couldn't get thin and uniform lines cut out on the potato, but it turned out all right for our exploration at home.

We tried two ways:
1. Use a stencil of a paper heart cut out with negative space. Stamp with the crosshatch potato stamp all over to get the crosshatch heart.

2. Stamp on a piece of card stock with the cross hatch potato stamp. Then cut out heart shapes from it.

While not as elegant and pretty as the inspiration, kids got an idea of getting horizontal, vertical, and crisscrossing lines via simple stamping.

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