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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Kids Craft: Hand-made Paper Hearts on Marbled Background

Hand-made Paper Hearts on Marbled Background

On and off we make hand-made paper at home. Seed paper is particularly popular around Spring time.

Marbling is another favorite activity with the kids. So, we have a lot of marbled papers handy. The 5 year old prefers the simple joy of Shaving Cream Marbling. Sometimes he uses too many colors which get muddled up, but it's always fun.

This easy card can be adapted for any occasion. Since Valentine's day is just around the corner, we decided to go with hand-made paper hearts on marbled background. I can easily see clover leaves instead of hearts for St.Patrick's Day, for instance.

Items Used
Hand made paper in various colors
Marbled paper in suitable contrasting colors
Double-sided foam tape
Fancy wiggly eyes, sequins, beads, ribbons for embellishment, if preferred
glue appropriate for adhering the embellishments

  1. Cut out cute hearts of various sizes from the handmade paper
  2. Mount them on marbled paper cut to size
  3. Decorate with pressed flowers, ribbons, yarn, sequins, glitter, if preferred 

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