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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kids Craft: Mini Heart Felt Pillows

sewing kids felt heart pillows fine motor skills valentines

The 5 yo will sew if he is in the mood: if some sewing activity is suggested to him and he feels he has nothing else to interest him at the moment, and if the project is quick and simple, that catches his fancy, he will do it.

He came home excited one evening and squealed, "Mama, you are going to love this! This is going to make you so happy! I made this for you in school today!" And he handed me this sweet little felt heart with beads sewn on it.

sewing kids felt heart pillows fine motor skills valentines

In my customary way, I was all smiles and asked him to tell me all about it. "I got some thread, then used the needle threader to thread the needle, then tied a knot at the end, and sewed the beads on this heart, because I love you, Mama!"

Since his sister has graduated to using my sewing machine and doesn't want to do much hand-sewing unless it is a cute softie, or for something incidental to her bigger project, I asked if Og wanted to sew a few heart pillows. More as a fine motor exercise than any fancy finished product. And he did.

Cut out two felt pieces in heart shape for each "pillow". Save scrap felt and other fabric pieces for stuffing the pillow. Simply let the kids sew along the edges and stuff before completing the final stretch of sewing. Optionally, add a cotton ball soaked in essential oil to make it a tiny fragrant heart felt pillow.  We used lavender in one and geranium in the other. So, they can be sachets of some sort.

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