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Monday, July 23, 2012

Here Comes Science

Here Comes Science CD + DVD
by They Might Be Giants

Following the Caspar Baby Pants Sing Along CD fever, things gradually slowed down for a while in the musical immersion department. An occasional Beatles favorite or the CDs that came along with the books we borrowed from the library (esp., Crocodile Smile), was all they requested, nothing caught the kids' fancy much, but they liked listening to them nonetheless.

But not for long... Here Comes Science album by They Might Be Giants is the latest obsession with the 4 yo and the 7 yo, although each enjoys it in their own way, based on their exposure and experience.

Ana enjoys almost all the songs, her top favorite being What Is A Shooting Star? with Meet The Elements coming a close second -something about the tunes resonated with her, and then the words of course.

Og's favorite songs are How Many Plantes?,  I am a Paleontologist, and Blood Mobile, in addition to the two above that are Ana's favorites. It wasn't a surprise as planets and outer space related things seem to interest him at this stage.

The music did not quite resonate with me the way it did for the kids, but that's probably because I am a jaded adult. However, I do love that the lyrics actually teach kids something useful. And I smile inwardly when I hear, "I LOVE Science, Mama, it is so much fun!" from the 4 yo who probably doesn't yet quite grasp what science is :)

We were enjoying the audio CD for a week and waited until the weekend (when it is a "Watch Day") to play the DVD, which was an instant hit with its brilliant animation. Oggie is now aware of why we have blood and what it does in our body, thanks to the catchy Blood Mobile song.

Before this becomes history, I wanted to record it here, not just for looking back, but also to thank the wonderful musicians who bring so much joy and excitement to my kids. (I did correspond with Caspar Babypants and got a sweet and prompt response back!)

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