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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wee Puir Birdie

Mama! Mama! You have to come and look! Now! There's a poor baby birdie in the backyard!

Well, I guess the picture says it all. There it was. The wee baby bird didn't make it. It was dead when we found it. No doubt about that.

Perhaps a hawk grabbed it from its nest as it was hatching... 

Maybe it fell out of its nest when it cracked its way out...

I think our outside cat found it first and tried to catch it...

A lot of Maybes and Perhapses and I thinks went around as we tried to create a backstory for the bird, its family, and how it might have come to this tragic end. 

We said a few parting words; found a place to bury it in the garden; and moved on.

The picture will not be easily erased in our minds, and now thanks to the camera, it is out there forever.

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