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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Caspar Babypants Sing Along!

Sing Along!
Music Album, audio CD
by Caspar Babypants

Ordinarily, I don't get around to sharing the music that kids are into currently. Sure, a particular song gets played ad nauseum until something else replaces it. C'est la vie.

I may not always see why they like that particular song,  or, at times, I do manage to see why and encourage it, but music is such an integral part of life that I am glad the kids get into it no matter the genre - and that includes the much-maligned 'kids music'.

I grew up with music - classical and wonderfully creative film numbers. I didn't worry about genres and styles - if it made me move, if it stirred my soul, if it made me laugh, if it made me cry, if it made me jump and skip, if it affected me in any way at all, it was good music. It's only when I started paying attention to lyrics when I was older that I started squirming with discomfort at times, but, the tunes are still very precious.

Every once in a while I manage to mention it in passing when something becomes a disturbing (as if there is any other kind) obsession, especially if it is an entire CD album - like , Blue Moo Jukebox FavoritesBurl Ives Favorites for Children and Songs of Wild Birds.

And in that spirit, I could not let this recent enchantment with Caspar Babypants' Sing Along!  album pass by unsung. It has become a phenomenal chart-topper at home over the last couple of weeks that I am not sure what to make of it.

We've listened to Caspar Babypants This Is Fun CD - it had a couple of songs that Oggie liked - viz., All You Pretty Babies, Baby's Getting Up; and Speedy Centipede made an impression when we read Creepy Creatures Centipedes by Valerie Bodden. But nothing nearly as influential and entertaining as the ones in CB's Sing Along! CD.

Oggie claims all 20 songs in the CB Sing Along! CD are his favorites and proceeds to order them from the 'first favorite' to the 'twentieth favorite'. It scares me a bit when he rattles off all the words to all the 20 songs - after all it is called Sing Along! and that is exactly what he does.

Ana is a bit more selective - she is obsessed with Baby Cloud. And then, in that order, I Want To Be A Snowman and My Flea Has Dogs.

If you do get to sample just the audio, you might see why my favorites in this CD are:
I want to be a snowman
Baby Cloud
Bad Blue Jay

The visuals interfere with the processing of just the music, so feel free to look away from the video while sampling the music in the youtube links above.

Some of the traditional tunes have been given a fresh life with creative lyrics and some wonderful musical arrangement. I enjoyed reading about the stories behind each of the songs in this CD. Yay to musicians!

I fell in love with Kate Endle's artwork on the Sing Along! CD album cover, and went on to discover some cute children's books she has created.

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At 1:25 AM, Blogger Motherfunker said...

Have the seen the video for baby cloud on YouTube? It's soooo lovely! We are big Caspar Babypants fans here.


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