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Friday, June 22, 2012

Made-up Coupons

Father's Day came and went without much fuss in our house. D wanted to be left alone on the appointed day. Of course, kids and I couldn't let the day go by without doing something we thought would be sweet...

Ana made a coupon for Papa, not without an ulterior motive, it looks like. And wondered if we can present this at her favorite store and snag a "free" treat.

Og made a "coupon" for Papa as well. To be precise, Og dictated the words I had to write down on this coupon and then proceeded to color it in. I am not sure he understands the idea of coupons but this produced the desired results: a promise from Papa to take him to a 'new place' that Og has never been to before. (The loophole: it could be anywhere - including the attic.)

Rather than just cards, both kids wanted to write a book for Papa. Ana's independent venture resulted in a short 6-page simple book about A Dog, A Cat, and A Mouse. Nothing much exciting happens in her book, but, she left some work for Papa to fill in - like an activity book. I enjoyed hearing her explanation of the illustrations, and so did Papa.

Og enlisted me as his scribe and illustrator, much like usual. He drew from his recent exploration of the tidepools along the Oregon coast and dictated extempore as I scrambled to write the words down. I took some artistic license with the illustrations and Og was not too picky about it this time, except for the choice of colors. It is a counting book up to 10. I particularly liked the "Nine limpets waiting to be starfish snack...

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