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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beakman's World Sugar Glass

Beakman's World was much-loved by D in his younger days apparently, and so, some weeks ago, he introduced it to the kids, thanks to Netflix Watch Instantly feature. Since then, we've watched an episode here, an episode there, learning about some wonderful things.

I found the neon colors, the flashy set, the loud noises rather distracting (from a jaded adult perspective, of course), but apparently it appeals to the kids, albeit in small doses. Both kids seem to like Liza better than Josie, and for some reason find Lester funny.

I do like the way Beakman makes everything so simple, so easy to process complex ideas, and usually rather accurately. Og's early favorite was in Season 1 Episode 4 'Blood' - why do we have it, what does it do?

While there were many favorites with Ana, the first experiment she wanted to try at home was from Season 2 Episode 2, where she learned about "sugar glass" - the kind that are shattered in movies without hurting the actors much.

So, we made it at home. Followed the recipe on the show, only we used an old Al foil pie plate for the mold, and the 'glass' was quite thick.

We got to shatter it and then eat it!

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