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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4th!

After several days of rain and overcast skies, the sun was out shining brightly today. Packing a few essentials, a spur-of-the-moment trip was embarked on. 

The geese were flocking, and so were the ducks; the squirrels were scuttling about, the bees were buzzing and the butterflies fluttering by... while the kids managed several hours of play and a satisfying picnic lunch, I managed to read half-way through my latest book from the library (I Shall Wear Midnight by Pratchett), lost to the world. 

Back home in the afternoon, simple home-made Watermelon smoothies and lemonades were enjoyed as we prepared for the traditional BBQ dinner and fireworks for later at night...

Not often do we get such gorgeous days, a 'holiday' to boot, so that families can spend time together, outdoors. No excuses. We can get back to burying ourselves in work to pay the bills again tomorrow. But today, we stop and smell the roses, and send a grateful prayer for what we have been given.

It is indeed a luxury to be able to lay on the grass, with the sun gently warming the skin, escaping into a favorite story, even if for a few hours, suspending reality in some sense, knowing I'll have to eventually give in to those thoughts lingering in the periphery, barely kept at bay by the heedless buoyant spirit - thoughts from a functionality to implement at work to the next balanced meal for home; thoughts that knot the stomach like the life of my parents far away from any help I can offer to the future of our children in this increasingly complex world; thoughts that seem frivolous like my purpose in life and when will I find it...

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