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Friday, August 05, 2011

Can't go to Massachusetts and not try Lobster

Kids' first time being at such close quarters with these creatures. Well, actually, they've peered at lobsters through a glass wall in the New England Aquarium, especially the rare and beautiful Blue Lobster.

But, to touch and feel, and maybe even taste it at home, well, this is truly their first time, thanks to the recent Magical Month in Massachusetts.

I am not much of a seafood fan. If my nose can co-operate with my stomach, I might be able to bring myself to try a generous bite of many different foods someday...

What a shame, I hear D muttering on and off, despite the fantastic array of foods he gets to eat anyway.

Well, what did the kids think of it? Ana said, "it smells like the ocean", and Oggie said, "it is orange!"

Steamed lobster meat with bell peppers and onions in a light sauce with butter and herbs.

The kids did try a goodish bite before deciding they are not quite ready for it.

Me, I am a happy eating vegetables for the most part and believe one should do what makes one happy. (Within reason).

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