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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kids Art: Mondrian-inspired Chalk Pastels

Kids Art: Mondrian-inspired Chalk Pastels and Paintings
A while ago, a study in Masking led us to use masking tape and paints to create very simple paintings à la Mondrian.

Thanks to the suggestion by one of Ana's school teachers (an artist) to get Oggie started on it, I was happy to introduce this activity to him and notice the concentration and joy with which he created his "pieces".

I didn't restrict the palette to primary colors, nor insist on simple horizontal/vertical lines.

Kids Art: Mondrian-inspired Chalk Pastels and paintings

Items Used: Masking tape, card stock paper, chalk pastels

  1. On a piece of card stock paper, apply the (relatively inexpensive) masking tape in horizontal and vertical lines allowing them to intersect to form blocks
  2. Color with chalk pastel - a different color in each block created by these intersecting lines - and smooth/blend the chalk pastels with a finger
  3. Carefully remove the masking tape et voilà! A unique piece of art

Kids Art: Mondrian-inspired Chalk Pastels and paintings
  • Ana liked tempera paints in primary colors, Oggie preferred chalk pastels
  • White and black paper for stark effects
  • Also, using ruler, create thick dark intersecting lines with black marker and color in the blocks in between using markers
  • For Oggie, I taped the paper to the table-top using one or two pieces of masking tape first so the paper won't move when he is blending the chalk pastels; then gave him pre-cut pieces of masking tape to place as he wanted
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