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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Rose Festival 2009 Junior Parade

It was quite a day for Ana. She got to walk in her first parade!

I was all set to let Ana parade in her school tee-shirt, but, one of the fellow-moms was thoughtful enough to bring extra fancy dress so Ana could slip into it and look grand.

Today was the junior parade for the Rose Festival 2009, an annual event that brings out the city's spirit in droves. Ana's teachers and friends were there.

She walked the whole distance, about 20 city blocks, in the nice warm sun. For the most part, I should say. Towards the last 2 blocks she wanted me to carry her, which I did. Some parents were considerate enough to bring wagons and strollers, but, not me :)

Oggie wasn't well, and I had a bit of a deadline at work, so, I wasn't sure we'd be able to make it to the parade... but, we did, and it was worth it to see Ana's wonder, despite bone-weary tiredness, at being part of the parade, in the parade, not watching the gala event from the sidelines.

She was cheerfully singing the only parade-related song that came to her mind from recent memory: Zuckerman's famous pig from Charlotte's Web (1973) movie DVD that she got for Christmas.

Oh wow look at him now, Zuckerman’s famous pig;
Sooey, what do you see, The greatest hog in history

My favorite in this soundtrack is Chin Up, the song that taught Ana to say "Salutations!" as a fancy way to say "Hello!", right around the time she got interested in Fancy Nancy. But Zuckerman's famous pig is a close second.

She is a bit of an introvert like me, very shy, just likes to hang back and observe and assess the situation before jumping into anything. It could be a good trait, I am not sure. She just hides behind my skirt and refuses to talk to anybody, even her friends' moms whom she sees every day at pick up and drop off... I am not too worried about it and I don't want to push her... but, I wonder if it could potentially be a hurdle in her way of seizing opportunities and making the most of it... Too soon to tell.

This is my first involvement with the junior parade and was quite happy to note that many had taken the time to stand by and cheer as the parade went by. The school marching bands were superb as usual, my favorite.

Ana was awfully pooped at the end, understandably. But, she did not throw a tantrum at the parade. She saved it for home.

Oggie being sick, and Ana being exhausted, I gave them an early dinner and bath, and put them in bed right away for a much-needed rest.

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At 9:31 PM, Blogger Charu said...

Ana looks cute as usual . Is she having pink cheeks due to sun or makeup?.

New gadget to get for you mommamobile- Kids wagon. It will come handy anytime for you guys.

Hope oggie is doing better now.

my hugs to kids.


At 9:51 PM, Blogger Sheela said...

HI Charu, no, no makeup, just the sun... she is much like her dad, very sensitive to the sun... but has taken after me in that her sun exposure does not cause her skin to peel and burn, it just tans, which is a big relief.


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