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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kids Crafts: Simple Greeting Cards

kids craft greeting cards crayola super brights

Ana got a Crayola set for her birthday. Quite fascinated by the bright colors, she sat in the sunny lawn and doodled for a while. That's when it hit me: I could use these to help her make the Thank You cards we were planning to send out to everybody who came by to make her day special.

These greeting cards are easy enough for a four year old to make on her own, but, Ana was getting frustrated not being able to cut out the geometric shapes she was aiming for: squares, rectangles, triangles, so, I helped with the cutting. Any odd shape would be just as cute.

The party hat and butterfly punches are my favorites, so I decided to cut some out for Ana to use. They are simple embellishments to add to greeting cards for any festive occasion. These little punches are available at most craft stores and are quite sturdy and inexpensive.

Items used: Crayola Super Brights markers and paper, scissors and die-cut shape-punchers, glue, card stock.

Simply scribble on the Crayola paper with the markers, then cut out shapes and glue them on to card stock paper that is already cut and folded to desired greeting card size.

I was quite thrilled when Ana sat and wrote her name on every single card, meticulously, patiently and quite illegibly :)

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At 7:57 PM, Blogger Sole said...

How creative...such cute, colourful,personal greeting cards. Keeps them entertained as well as gives them a sense of satisfaction that they did it! Amazing ideas :-)


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