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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Seven it is

Oggie turned 7 a few weeks ago without much fanfare or fuss, just the way he wanted. We planned a small family celebration at Gilbert House Children's Museum with just his sister and parents. Quite by coincidence he ran into two of his friends and former classmates from his preschool there and had a blast anyway.

We rounded out the day by visiting his grandparents who made a delicious dinner for all of us.

We didn't have a party this year... and he didn't ask for one either. A quiet and low-key way to mark another year of fresh experiences and joyful living.

I did make him a custom t-shirt - exact;y the way he wanted it: With flags! The front has 6 of the Russian administrative divisions (krais, oblasts, republics) and the back has the German Bundesländer.

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