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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kids Craft: Administrative Divisions Study and Flags T-Shirt

For a while, the six year old was into Administrative Divisions of the countries of the world - be it Russia's oblasts and krais, or Germany's Bundesländer, India's states, he wanted to know their names and their flags.

Armed with an oversized and large parchment paper, he traced many countries with their administrative divisions and colored them in, to make his own book of Admin. Divs.

This enthusiasm got me pumped and I ended up making a unique Admin Divs. Flags shirt for his birthday. He claims that's the best birthday gift, second only to a book we gave him. The shirt front has flags of 6 Russian oblasts, krais and republics; the back of the shirt has 6 German Bundesländer flags.

oblasts krai bundeslander flags t-shirt

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