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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Little Free Library

There are these cute little boxes with books in them sprouting all over my neighborhood. I wanted one as well. And found out about it at Little Free Library!

Take a Book, Return a Book is such a simple concept, and so powerful. In a country with free access to public libraries, there are still not enough branches to reach all the folks. Nobody wants to ride the bus just to get to a library, or drive more than 5 miles for that matter, understandably - books take a backseat to daily survival ordeals one has to endure anyway...

I did look into getting one for my front yard, but the steps involved seem too complex for me to handle with my busy schedule at this time... and living on a quiet cul-de-sac there is not much foot traffic so it might just benefit the kids in my street... and then, what happens when we move? Do we take the library with us? Leave it for the next occupant? Lots to sort out before I commit..

For now, I love the idea and want to spread the word!

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