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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My First Day

My First Day

My First Day
What Animlas Do on Day One
by Steve Jenkins & Robin Page

Unlike humans, many animals are born ready to move, and even care for themselves. Their survival depends on it.

Whether they plop to the ground from a few feet above or jump out of their nest into the cool water below; ride piggyback or trot along with the herd, newborn animals can do amazing things.

In their characteristic style, Steve Jenkins and Robin Page present 22 animals, focusing on the first few hours on the day they are born. The cut-paper illustrations are stunning, as always. 

Some of the  double-page spreads showcase how different the first days are for a few of the animals. For example, in one double-page spread, on the left side, the golden snub-nosed monkey says, "On my first day I went everywhere with my mother. I clung to her fur as she slept, ate, and swung through the treetops." whereas on the right side, a muntjac says, "But my mother had to leave me to look for food, I stayed very still..."

"What did you do on your first day — the day you were born?" The book asks the young reader to think about it even as it explains how some animals are born pretty helpless like humans whereas some others are on their own from the very start.

Back of the book has thumbnail pictures with a paragraph of information about each animals

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