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Monday, April 01, 2013

Pasg Hapus!

Egg coloring is always fun, not just around Easter. Masking seems to give the most interesting effects. Paints and markers seem to be a second choice with us. Turmeric, Beetroot, Hibiscus, and Greens are some of the natural dyes we like to use. But, food color is not taboo for us so we use them as well.

Oil pastel resist is a favorite. But, this year, eggs tie-dyed with rubber bands turned out to be the most satisfying.

Gado GadoGulai Telur, Egg Salad are all on the menu for this week, thanks to the two dozen colorful boiled eggs the kids made.

I finally sorted through the 100 odd photos Ana clicked during her visit with Nana. About 80+ photos were focused on derrières and nose hairs. No surprises there.

Of the 20% that weren't blurry indoor pics, a handful were truly beautiful - albeit to a doting mommy's eyes who realizes that these were most probably happy flukes. And not surprisingly, they were pictures of animals in their element. The binoculars close-up took me a while to figure out, though.

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