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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Kids Craft: Latch Hook Rug

D wanted to share the joys of making latch hook rugs with Ana. So, they did this project together. I simply satisfied my curiosity by doing about half a row and kept my hands off this project.

Latch Hook kits are available for a reasonable price - pre-cut yarn bits in required colors, pattern code, color coded mat and instructions.

The kit we bought did not include the latch hook tool, which we had to buy separately.

It is much like cross-stitch, only easier I think, if one masters the working of the latch hook tool.

And, puppies being Ana's favorite, this project got done in about 3 weeks, a few rows a day every few days, with quite a bit of help from Papa.

Now that it is finished, we might make it into a pillow as Ana prefers, or finish it as a rug or, put it up as a wall picture.

If any other pattern catches her fancy as we browse online and she is in the mood to finish one by herself and requests it, maybe we'll do more. Or maybe this satisfied her curiosity for now and we'll move on to other new crafts...

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