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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kids Craft: Stitched Xmas Cards and Pine Tree Cards

We seem to love making cards for some reason. Well, usually it starts out as a fun little drawing or coloring or painting or paper crafting or fabric project and gets turned into a card, among other things.

Stitched cards are my favorite, as are fabric cards I used to make a few years ago and sort of outgrew as the novelty wore off. They can be hand-embroidered, or hand-sewn with applique-like running stitches; or, my favorite is to machine sew fabric on to paper as in this project.

Items used: Card stock (various colors), felt and other fabric scraps (various colors), cookie cutters, scissors, sewing machine

I let Ana cut the shapes paper first to use as template, much like we did for the Felt Hanging Decorations; then pin this paper template to the felt fabric and cut out the shapes; then I take over and sew the felt shape onto card stock paper using sewing machine as Ana is not yet ready to use my sewing machine.

Pine trees are a favorite especially since everywhere we turn we see a bunch of these sturdy evergreens in our area, standing tall and inspiring dreams. To celebrate them, we made a few cards with the generic triangular pine tree shape. We used some original art work paper that we made, and some scrap-booking paper, and of course, some out of fabric.

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