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Friday, December 09, 2011

Kids Craft: Holly & Berries Wreath Card

For the Silly Penguins Winter Greeting Card, we had used a McGill Holly & Berries Paper Punch I had found for $2.99 at a neighborhood store. This punch makes a bow, a sock, a star, 2 holly leaves and berries of different sizes.

We had used some of the bows and socks for the Silly Penguins and had a bunch of Holly leaves punched out and ready to use. And that's how these cards came about.

Now, this is not an original idea - it was inspired by the picture that came on the package of the Holly & Berries Paper Punch. Ana saw the package picture and decided to make a few of her own to give to her friends/teachers.

Items Used: Cut/punched out from various colored construction papers - holly leaves in two different sizes, berries in red, bows,stars, glue stick, white card stock paper cut to the size of the greeting card and folded.

Draw a circle on the card stock paper. Glue the leaves, in layers, along the circle. Add berries and a bow. Et Voilá!

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