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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kids Craft: Recycled Xmas Wrapping Paper Cards

Such a shame that beautiful wrapping paper gets ripped and thrown in trash a lot around this time of the year. At home, we've tried to use as little as possible and reclaim/reuse/recycle the wrapping and tissue papers.

Especially fun is to reuse the Xmas wrapping papers to make greeting cards that are easy for pre-schoolers to make.

There is something very satisfying about making something with your own hands - even if it is just assembling a few things, or drawing a few simple lines - for kids. And it is more meaningful to them to share it with their friends and teacher when they have made it themselves.

From last year's wrapping paper I had cut out and saved some Snowmen, Snowflakes, and a few others. To make it sturdy, I glued the wrapping paper onto card stock and let it dry before saving these cuttings. Some days ago, I brought them out to let Oggie make a set of greeting cards for his teachers/friends.

It takes just a bit of preparation, as usual, to make it a smooth process for the 3.5 year old. Simpy arrange the pre-cut wrapping paper pieces, card stock and glue stick in a tray and let the child glue as they like. A half dozen unique and charming greeting cards are ready in no time at all.

And, Ana did a few of the Holly & Berries Wreath Card as well at the same time.

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