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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ivy+Bean: Doomed to Dance

Ivy+Bean: Doomed to Dance (Book 6)
Annie Barrows
Sophie Blackall

Last year we got introduced to Ivy+Bean and read the first couple of books in the series together.

Junie.B held Ana's interest for a short while earlier this year but not for long.

She got into the Fairy Realm books over summer and read the first few. I didn't read it with/to her so I didn't get around to posting it here so far.

For some reason, (methinks it is the pink cover and ballet costumes Ivy+Bean sport), Ana chose to bring Ivy+Bean: Doomed to Dance home from the library last week.

And at dinner time last night she told me the Ivy and Bean book was funny. Not having read it, I probed further and she told me she has finished reading that book and proceeded to tell me the story.

Here is the summary of Ivy+Bean: Doomed to Dance:

"Ivy and Bean think ballet is fun because they see someone who kicks and dances ballet with knife. They always like weird stuff.

And then Bean begs her mom to let her go to ballet school. They start their ballet lessons. Like the positions and demi-plié and all the things I learnt first. I think they thought arabesque was like kicking or something but they never get to learn anything weird.

And then they have to be squids in their performance. But they don't want to be squids and don't want to learn ballet anymore. But Bean's mom did not want her to stop ballet classes. So, Ivy and Bean decide to run away.

They go to the aquarium with some friends. Then, they sneak away from the group even though they are not supposed to. But, they don't really run away, their friends find them and they go home.

Then, they have to go to ballet and finish their lessons."

There you have it. I am not really planning to read and find out for myself. I am satisfied with the summary and this video. Sounds like a fun book.

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