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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Much like the last couple of years, we baked fresh cookies on Christmas Eve and left them with a mug of milk and a note for Santa.

All Ana could think of asking was, Why do you come only on Christmas?

(We are still working on the spelling, learning the rules and exceptions to the rules of standard/accepted writing, which is probably not a quick-and-short drill ...)

After he talked to the kids via PNP "web-cam" a couple of days ago, reminding Ana to try harder at getting ready for bed when her parents ask her to, and asking Oggie to listen to his parents when they want him to do something, we were expecting Santa to stop by. And he did.

Looks like he had most of the cookies and milk, and possibly carrots too, or maybe the reindeer ate the carrots, we can't be sure, we were asleep...

Anyway, he did leave a note for Ana explaining why he comes only once a year: apparently, he has to be there every day of the year (except Christmas), else the elves would get very playful and forget to get their work done... and how else can he get some presents to all the children in the world if the elves don't help with the toy-making?!

Merry Christmas!

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