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Friday, December 26, 2008

Snow Play and a Survival Lesson

Merry Christmas!

Finally the snow has melted away and we are warming up a bit here. Ana's school is still closed for Winter break and am finding it hard to keep her active physically. Parks and outdoor play is not my thing in winters, I just want to be cozy warm indoors...

But, the 10 days of snow seemed to have given a dad and his daughter a great chance to bond with each other in the backyard and discover their mutual love of outdoors, regardless of the blistering cold.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity, D showed Ana how to make an igloo and stay warm. An important survival lesson.

And, the customary snowman got built as well. Me, I could barely step out to take the pictures, so, most were shot through the window from the safety of the warm indoors. I do enjoy the crisp fresh snow and love to take a walk when properly bundled up in winter gear, but, I was too lazy to put on the boots and coat and such to step out to take a few pictures...

Ana helped make cookies for Santa, and for herself, of course. We made a huge batch of Christmas sugar cookies, all of which Ana decorated with care and patience, as seen in the picture!

Then, she dictated a note for Santa which D wrote down and left it along with milk and cookies, and of course, carrots for the reindeer :)

While it was a huge bother, all in all, I have to thank the 'act of God' weather conditions which constrained all of us to our home, thus giving us a chance to spend a lot of time, and a lot of quality time at that, enriching our lives... else, D would have worked all days, worked late at that as clients need their stuff delivered regardless, with the possible exception of Xmas day, and I would probably have taken a few days off before and after Xmas but worried about catching up when I get back to work, and Ana and Oggie would be sort of secondary in terms of getting our full attention...

C'est la vie, we take the good with the bad...

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