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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Apple Tasting

So many varieties of apples -- heirloom and hybrid -- burst forth during the gorgeous autumn harvest. I remember about two dozen different fruits I grew up with that are not available here -- custard apple, jackfruit, a hundred varieties of mangoes, several dozen varieties of bananas, sapota, guava... One lifetime may not be enough to savor all the fruits that our wonderful earth has to offer.

I naturally penciled in Apple Tasting in the calendar as we all love apples and what's the downside of a free tasting event? Well, the younger child found one: He has to get himself there, in the crowd, wait in line for his turn, and bear the loud noises and throngs of happy people when all he wants is some peace and quiet. Staying home to do his own thing and have us bring him a few varieties to sample at home would have been ideal. But, he is not 10 yet, so we couldn't leave him alone at home. 

Out we all trooped, after me exercising monumental patience and craftiness in budging the kiddo from his self-imposed social seclusion. 

Once there, he managed to enjoy himself, especially after we set the timer and told him we would leave in two hours. That's a long time for a kid to be patient in a place he didn't want to be. 

The tasting of nearly three dozen varieties of apples got him excited. Plus the free popcorn. And sampling of fresh juices and jams and butters and caramels, and limitless cider sipping... 

He was stuffed enough with the good stuff that he forgot his initial grudge, and ceased to remain unsociable.

The older child drank it all in, of course, and didn't want to leave. I offered to leave her there and come back for her in a few hours. Have to wait a few more years before I can do that... Sigh.

At 99c a pound for all varieties of apples and pears, I did get quite a bit more than I should have. But, they offer a free service of pressing the fruits to give us the juices fresh and unadulterated. How can one refuse?

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