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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kids Sewing: Cushion covers and Rice bag heat pads

"Mama, I made this for you!"

The 10 year old stuck the blue patchwork cushion along with the matching rice bag heat pad under my nose as soon as I walked in from work one evening.

And then, she asked if she can stay up late to finish two more sewing projects as school hadn't started yet. A pinkish-orangish patchwork cushion cover plus rice bag for Papa. The purplish set for her brother.

I squished her in a bear hug grinning from ear to ear, totally controlling the urge to remind her to trim the threads and sew the raw seam edges right away for every sewing project...

Just in time for the nippy Autumn evenings and approaching Winter, the ten year old's sewing project has brightened up the well-worn and sagging living room sofa.

I am not much for fancy decor, I barely have any special art on my walls... not because I lack aesthetics, not just because both adults in the house are minimalists... I find myself unable to settle on a theme or a color scheme or a style or anything amazing... so many lovely people I know pull it off so effortlessly- their homes are works of great beauty with their grace showing through elegantly...

Anyway, it is what it is and a happy home is all I care about for now...


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