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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hand-made Holidays

finger knit scarf fabric flowers embellishment

The 8 yo doesn't do much art work these days. But, every once in a while, in a fit of crafting frenzy, she'll make a handful of items and then cool the jets, whiling away the time being bossy with her brother or nagging one of us to play Monster with her...

Anyway, the holiday season probably spurred her into action: she made a few items and wrapped them up and stowed them away under the tree well before Dec 24th.

Squeeze 'Ems with a candy cane Kiss for All of us

squeeze em needlework kids craft

Appliqued pillow case and place mat for Papa, cut and sewn all by herself. (Mama just made sure the bobbin is on right and the needle is threaded correctly; and hovered around in case her precious sewing machine runs into issues with the new user.)

Coaster for Mama, plus a finger-knitted scarf with fabric flower embellishment.

hand-made holiday kids crafts finger knit scarf fabric flowers

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