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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Books on Migration

As my good friend Art so wonderfully summed up, CROCUS 2013 may have closed for now but the books  shared there are always open, always available.

Front CoverStarting with animal migration, we explored the nomadic life in present day context, as well as forced moves (refugees) and voluntary moves as the world gets smaller by the day and no corner remains remote enough to stay isolated.

We ended the festival with a nod to exploration, from past to the future - without the bold explorers, we would have remained as isolated pockets of civilizations unaware of our geographical neighbors, or, for that matter, just dreaming about the stuff our Moon is made of...

Here are some of the books I shared at Saffron Tree for CROCUS 2013:
The Long, Long Journey
Desert Elephants
Making it Home
Look to the Stars

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